Cost effective enterprise standard wireless connection for small businesses, Medical clinics and  schools


The adoption of smart devices such as smart phones and tablets creates two challenges for IT; network access and device security. Each category is unique and requires a different set of expertise and guidelines.

First things first the wireless network must be reliable; it is the foundation of your solution. Legacy wireless solutions were not engineered to deal with the high density and throughput required to sustain a fast and reliable wireless connection. The wireless network must be mobile device ready and designed for interference mitigation and high-density environments.

Furthermore, the Bring Your Own (BYO) device, application, and product such as a smartphone or and an apple TV to work, has created an environment where IT does not have control of the clients access the network. To salvage this problem many wireless companies have incorporated additional recognition intelligence that identify the user, type of device and application that is on the network and provide IT administrators the ability to create and enforce security policies. Ruckus Wireless solutions integrate this BYOD solution and provide an easy to configure and deploy solution that is low maintenance and allows end users to self-register their devices on the network.

Our solution can provide an effective way for schools to have  reliable centralised control secure wireless connection for schools .

Educational pricing structure for our wireless solution to schools in Australia and New Zealand.

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