Premium level IT support services to schools

We provide IT support at the school premises and remotely. We have a team of qualified experience people who had experience in educational sectors will provide the services, all the on premises IT support staff  will have a valid working with the children check.


Cloud services

The advantages for Schools adopting cloud services are many. By moving the identified critical applications such as email, storage and other applications in the  cloud schools can save up to 30 % of the operation cost in the three year .Cloud migration also helped  reduce the down time of services .

Another  Cloud learning environment provide a collaborative learning environment to students and teachers .

cloud services are much benefit to the smaller independent schools as the pricing structure is based on the users , there is not large capital investment as before. Schools subscribe for what they use.


Cost effective Digital marketing for schools

We help independent schools to setup not only designing and hosting websites but also maintaining for the schools so that schools can focus on what they do. We have a strategy to connect the parents and attract new enrolments through cost effective social media presence and continuous update and maintenance.


Network security for schools

Providing secure and safe network connectivity is not an option to the schools. It is a requirement by the Department of Education. We work with schools and understand the needs and the perspective network security vulnerabilities and propose a cost effective Industry proven network security solutions against multiple security features. Our solutions include protection from unsolicited online contents, and mobile apps and control over the social media presence to protect the school from cyber bulling .

 Security features include like Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention System, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web Filtering, Web Application Firewall, Application Visibility & Control, Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Management, and more on a single appliance


Schools have the obligation to protect the students and teacher’s data and academic records for the past 10 years. We provide electronic onsite and online backup services for Schools in a way not only archiving the sensitive information and able to retrieve without any difficulties.

Disaster recovery plan

Schools must have a clear back up contingency plan to recover the systems against the natural disaster, deliberate attempt by thieves and hackers .We provide disaster recovery solutions for schools.


Network Integration-secure wireless connection

We provide   Cost effective secure wireless connection to schools to provide secure, reliable and safe network connectivity for mobile devices brought by students and staff (BYOD )


 Customised (readily to use) e-learning solution

After knowing the time constrain among the teachers , we provide  customised (ready to use ) e-learning/Learning Management system (LMS) . Our e-learning solution is powered by Moodle open source. We provide group and one to one  training  for  teachers and course coordinators .



 Schools  have a choice whether the services with service level agreements or on demand ( Ad hoc)  basis.



Please call us to discuss with one of the IT support solution consultants at 02 8005 7593 or email us at



ECARES SYSTEM SOLUTIONS  is an Australian registered IT services company providing  cost effective premium level  IT services for schools in Australia

    What people say about

    our services we provided?

E-Cares System Solutions Pty Ltd  provided  us with a cost effective network security and web filtering system.  They  worked timelessly to upgrade the wireless for our College and we are very pleased with the results.

Their  IT services have promptly resolved a number of network issues onsite and he provides quick and efficient remote support and regularly training for all our staff.

We value and appreciate their  IT services at our College.


                                     Anna Calandra


                                     Macarthur Adventist College



I have found the service of E-Cares System Solutions Pty Ltd is prompt and efficient and willing to come in to the school at any time even on short notice.

They found ways to make the use of IT equipment and software to be very cost effective and we have appreciated that. We are very happy with the service provided and are thankful that Nathan takes the time to go the extra mile to assist the school with IT issues.



                            Danyel Efstratiou


                                     Sydney Adventist School




Mr .Nathan Sooriyakumar provided IT services for Sydney Adventist College from January 2008 to December 2012. At all times he was a keen worker with a proactive attitude and was able to support the College in a variety of ways.

During his five years of employment Mr Sooriyakumar worked with management to further develop and implement IT infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the College across two campuses. He demonstrated an ability to source networking solutions and utilised his contacts within the industry to support the IT development of the College. Furthermore, he prepared IT strategic plans and proposals to support the College and was successful in gaining government funding under the Digital Education Revolution.


Sivanathan provided IT support both onsite and through remote desktop, and was very flexible in his working hours, which was appreciated by staff. Keen to be supportive, he would make himself readily available to try to resolve issues. He supported individual teachers in software implementation and provided some professional development for staff in the area of google apps and interactive whiteboards.


Sensitive to budget constraints, Sivanathan searched for was to reduce costs whilst maintaining services and was able to do this through the migrating core services to cloud and implementing a centralised support system.


One of Sivanathan’s strengths was being open to current technologies and familiar with cutting edge IT. Having recently completed his masters, he was progressive and forward thinking in adapting to changes in education and understood some of the demands of using IT within the education setting.


Yours sincerely

Julia Young

Former Principal of

Sydney Adventist College, 2010-­‐2012



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