Network security for schools and businesses

Network security can be a big headache, and it’s getting bigger all the time. We cannot compromise the network security issues. Unfortunately, it is not an option .It is part of the Government regulation to provide secure network to the students and teachers.


We need to be protected from hackers, viruses, spam, scammers, data breaches, wireless security, device control, remote access, patching…and when you’ve finished protecting your own equipment, you’ve still got to worry about the phones, laptops and tablets that your staff and students bring it to school.


Our UTM solution enables educational institutions to maintain network security while keeping security investments low and protecting students from malware and inappropriate content. The solution range enhances productivity and minimizes bandwidth consumption by controlling unproductive surfing, music-video downloads, gaming, chat and social networking.


What is UTM?


UTM stands for the Unified Threat Management. It’s bringing together a whole suite of technologies that are usually handled by a raft of different point products, all into a single network security device


Decide what Facebook apps your teachers/employees can use, blow spam out of the water, secure your Wi-Fi, protect your network against hackers, and much more…all from a single console in your web browser.


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